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Cast List, Part-1 [Sep. 11th, 2013|02:47 am]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

nikolinni is an obsessed fan of Spectral Shadows. I can has obsessed fans? Yaaaayyy!!!

But Niko prefers the idea of a TV soap as apposed to a radio soap. So lets just say that sometime around the mid 70's, Perry Rhoades recanted his determination not to allow a Spectral Shadows TV series based on the radio serial after the producers of the 60's Batman and Green Hornet TV shows presented him with an offensively bad pilot, which he insisted be burned.

What could have made him relent after that bad experience? Well, maybe Dan Curtis or someone like that offered to do it as a radical daytime soap, with Perry on board as a writer and creative consultant. Perry might have gone for that.

But Niko is also interested in visiting the pub where the actors from my series go to unwind after playing out the day's episode. And they're all Furry actors there. So this soap must be produced not only in an alternate 1970's and 80's, it must be a Furry 1970's and 80's.

And, if Niko goes to the pub by means of fan fiction, night time mental perambulation or some other means of dimensional travel, he'll need to know the names of the actors he'll meet there. So today I present the first part of the cast list. And, as usual when I work with names, this list will be loaded with subliminal suggestions, in-jokes and hidden clues to aspects of the characters, most of which I'm sure will be completely invisible to Niko and most of my other readers.

I suppose I should offer some kind of prize for anyone who comes up with, say, 20 of the references. Maybe have your personal character drawn with your choice of the actors. (If TK is agreeable to this, of course) And please note that the actors aren't Cygnesians, they're normal Fur Affinity type furs with all the right parts in all the right places who have to get their bits covered up by the make-up people every morning. But of course the make-up will be off and they'll be in their street clothes by the time they get to the pub. (Name the pub if you like)

Actually, if anyone wants to draw or commission art of the actors doing whatever with whoever, I'd be flattered silly. Just send me a link to the art if you do so I can feature it on FA.

Also please leave any suggestions for details about the actors that occur to you, as well as suggestions for actors of characters I haven't listed yet.

Anyway, here we go with Part-1

The Planet Of Genetic Misadventure
Cast Of The TV Series

Christine James – Annie Handson (Lead singer of the moderately well know rock group Baroque, reprising her role from the previous serial)

Christine Rhoades – Gloria Higgs (Played The Happy Vixen on the now defunct soap One Fur’s Family)

Victoria Anderson – Krystal Jameson (Played a companion in the long running Sci-Fi series The Timefurs)

Kacey Caddell – Lily Powell (Spectral Shadows is her first acting job. Beat out a lot of more experienced actresses for the job due to her natural ability to appear shy and anxious)

Sir Jonathan Rhoades – Greg Livgren (Has been playing various incarnations of Jonathan Ommandeer since the second season of the Spectral Shadows TV series. Previously he played The Moonlight Gambler on One Fur’s Family)

Raelian Ommandeer – Phil Anderson (Originated the role of Rael Ommandeer in the Spectral Shadows TV series. Formerly played Dr. Morse in the soap One Fur’s Family)

Sonny Rhoades – Merilee McCambridge (A famous movie star and radio actress in her younger years. Played in a lot of westerns, and also played the same role in the radio series)

Perry Rhoades – Perry Rhoades (The author of the series, who played himself in the original radio series and still does in the new TV series. A prolific musician, actor and producer who seems unrestrained by appearances in playing this much younger role)

Lorri Rhoades – Grayson Bergamot (Avant-garde stage performer, character actress noted for playing eccentric characters, talk show host. Rarely seen in the series due to other ongoing projects)

Pamela Banks – Trish Parrish (Former child actress, taking on this rare adult role due to a similarity to one of her former child roles)

Melinda Otanashi - Rebecca Leigh (Feral equine actress on loan from the current series The Equestrians)

Lumira – Rumiko Pini (A Japanese actress, formerly starred in the long running series Those Obnoxious Elves)

Patti Patterson – Sherry Figura (A photographer for Soap Opera Insider magazine, offered the role by Mr. Rhoades, as porcupine actresses are hard to find. She is quite unaccustomed to the rigorous soap opera acting schedule and is grateful for the supportive cast)

Jasper Phillips – Orson Johnstone (Formerly of the detective series Miami Cats, since which he has been highly sought after for voice over work due to his deep and captivating voice)

Willow Olson – Georgi Cohen (Former Animalympics skating star in her first acting role)

Dorothy Rhoades – Bettina Hobel (A former teen star discovered by Disney who has made a reputation in recent years for playing psychotic roles)

Blair Montgomery – Jonathan Sanders (Shakespearean stage actor, noted for voice over work as villains in various animated films)

Rocie – Linda Foster (Child actress in her first role)

Miyan Rutherford – Alison Roberts (Borrowed from the currently running Sci-Fi serial Days Of Future Past)

Jennaballina Devilla – Carroll Kitt (Noted broadway star, always in demand for feline roles)

Jock Walsh – Joe Atlas (Former sports star who made a fortune marketing lady’s under garments and exercise videos. His character in Spectral Shadows is greatly based on himself)

Ronald Shrieves – Donald Long (Previously seen in the short lived crime drama Terriers)

Mr. Stophelese – Gordon Mathews (Former teacher turned rock star and later character actor in Sci-Fi films such as Brides Of The Dunedan, he used his past as a teacher to great advantage in The Aslanders, and here reprises his role)

Judy “Ratzo” DiCaro – Lacey Bogart (Veteran character actress seen in many a night time crime drama, most recently in SIC)

Craig Reinhart – Shawn Daniels (Previously on the now defunct soap Search For Forever)

Leela Lennox – Carla “Cookie” Carter (Can currently be seen in the box office blockbuster Jaguars Of Zion)

Saint Saffron – Kitty E. Bell (Stunt fur extraordinaire, last seen in the adventure series Warrior Princess Of Katmandu)

Ted Stoval – Stan Koppella (Veteran news anchor fur, brought on the set as an advisor and ending up taking on the role himself)

To be continued . . .
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The Dream Parallax -- and Some Spectral Shadows Updates [Sep. 9th, 2013|05:07 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Alright, some of you might be wondering what this Dream Parallax Nonsense is doing on Brainstormers, but hold on, we'll get to that soon enough. First, some updates on Spectral Shadows and Perri.

For a while now she's been trying to help her mother who's gotten sick/isn't feeling well. Hasn't been for a while now, and this whole sudden change in things resulted in her sudden and abrupt disappearance from Second Life. We've no idea how long she's in this for, so the only thing we can do really at the moment is give her our best wishes and support.

What does this mean for Spectral Shadows? Very very slow progress. Perri's been trying to sit down and focus on getting things written, but is also working on revamping her Live Journal site for 'Shadows. If you'll take a peek at the Serial 11 section, you'll notice that the text has been revised in a new update, including things like new little parts (Including the previously-only-available-on-livejournal mating scene between Perry and Christine in S11E13), new images inserted into the story, and some word/name changes. One of the most noticeable from the outset being that "yiff" has been changed into "Mating" or "Joining" -- depending on the context. I don't know about everyone else, but I kinda like that. To me yiff always had some kinda dirty connotation to it, but that could just be me and the images it conjures up (any Fur Affinity regulars in here? You'll know what I mean).

Also, you'll notice any new episodes that were previously only available on Fur Affinity are now available on the Live Journal site, as well as the nice little added extra of all characters in a chapter/scene having their own little "Featuring" card.

So that's pretty much all that's going on with Perri and Spectral Shadows. Let's hope that her mother gets better soon, and that the situation doesn't prove to be extremely stressful to Perri. If anyone has any (serious) questions for her, go ahead and PM me on here and I'll forward 'em to her via email.

So now for the other thing attached to this topic's title -- The Dream Parallax. Just what the heck is this? Well it's a story of mine that, long story short, ended up as a sort of crossover story where my own characters (commonly referred to as "The EastCoast 2513 Characters") meet up with Perri's characters from Spectral Shadows, specifically Serial 11, and what comes of that. Originally it was supposed to be a huge massive crossover between multiple furry/anthro writers' worlds and characters, but thus far it's only with Perri's, so I decided to just settle on that. Though if you want your character in on it, just mail me and we'll work something out.

The story is set up as an alternate reality scenario to both the EastCoast 2513 storyline and Serial 11's storyline. I don't have the exact details ironed out, but the start point is sometime after the Fire and Christine's healing happened, with major, changes happening to what's going on with the world. For instance, the whole plot with Lappi roping Perri into marriage is gone. Instead she's still with Geraldo, not pregnant (So he's still alive) and still somewhat of a gangster bunny. This also means that Toby isn't dead, so I'll have to either set up an event in-story or have it written that by the time the story started, Perri had his little experience as Rael comforting someone's soul. The time the girls spend in the hospital has been cut down significantly as well, seeing as there's no bunny back at the Rhoades Mansion that might try to kill them, so they ended up going to live at the Rhoades Mansion while the apartment is rebuilt. As a result Christine will already have gone through her traumatic memory to recover her powers (I consider what the memory was to be a huge plot spoiler, so at least this way I get around having to handwave why the readers wouldn't get to see what happened).

So pretty much, disregard a lot of what happened after "Love and Miracles Out of Nowhere". How much? Well jeez, Jenny doesn't even have claw jewelry yet. Anyways, you'll see how much has changed in the story itself. Of course everything will be explained at some point or another.

One of the ideas behind the Series is Alternate Realities. You'll see every so often a new Season where it's focused on an alternate reality of the story. And these Realities range from a simple shift of setting (for example, to a fantasy-like setting out of an old Final Fantasy game or Fire Emblem) to a complete change of setting and world (For example, one planned AR would take place in an online game, where all the characters in the Series were either player characters or NPCs in some large MMO type game). And then there's alternate realities of Spectral Shadows Serials, one planned is an AR of Serial 2, where my own characters are a part of The Aslander game and things turn out quite different.

Alright, so, that being said, that's the general rundown of what this series is about. I'm currently working on it too, so those who are still longing to see Kacey, Vicki, and Christine get into all manner of adventures can at least get a load of it through this Series.

Ah yes, my own terminology. As you should be aware, the concept of Spectral Shadows is that it's a novelized version of an Old Time Radio program. With The Dream Parallax, the concept is that it's a novelized version of a live-action TV series that was aired in an anthro populated world. Hence, instead of Serials we'll have Seasons, as well as some other changes.

Okay, that's all I got. Very shortly I'll hit up SSBS again and post outlines Perri-style on what I've got cooking for Season 2 (I skipped Season 1 because quite simply, I wanted to work on the events in S2 first...but there will be ways to bring everyone up to speed on events).

And yes, I did have Perri's permission to use Brainstormers for the purpose of posting what I'm working on and getting suggestions. So what do you all think? Let me know!!
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New Characters And Stuff [Jun. 7th, 2013|06:07 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

I hope TK will forgive this, since we had agreed to avoid any more write-ins of personal characters. But I have a couple more friends that asked to be given parts, and I kind of have an idea where I can use them. But they will not be coming into the story for quite a while. Anyway, here’s a heads up on these two characters.

Sugar Blossom, played by Skylark Lefavre. This will be a white Angel Vixen who works for St. James. At the end of the Oz story, Sugar Blossom will appear to guide Christine and the detectives across a rainbow bridge that will take them into a range of frozen mountains, though the bridge itself will be surrounded with an atmosphere of warmth. She will then be their guide in the domain of St. James.

Dream Catcher, played by Fyphfoko Yifu. This will be a greenish winged wolf that is Sugar’s constant companion. Should anyone fall off the bridge he will dive off and catch them.

 photo SugarBlossomAndDreamCatcher_zpsd1bdf01a.jpg

Also, Jasmine has suggested that I make this unicorn some kind of assistant or advisor to The Possat. She’s supposed to be getting character details together for me. We will have to see if any story develops for such a character. Currently I got nothing. Any ideas to help develop these characters would be appreciated.

 photo ThePossatsHi-Priestess_zps47243838.png

And finally. Here’s the inspiration for Craig’s waterbed from the current episode.

 photo CraigsWaterbed_zps7c6674a3.jpg
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Update on The Wiki and other things [Mar. 16th, 2013|07:28 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Hello! I know it's only been about a week since I posted about the wiki and what not, but I just wanted to put up a full update rather than post a comment on my previous post.

Anyway, the wiki is coming along good -- it currently bears the name InGalTeNet - The Spectral Shadows Wiki, though it still doesn't appear when you search for it in Google. I did add a link for it to Spectral Shadows' wikifur entry, as well as the Spectral Shadows TV Tropes page (more on that later). As of now, we have a main/intro page, a Serial Synopsis page (though somewhat incomplete -- it lists all the serials, but a good number have no descriptions), and a character page (currently in progress as of this posting). The aim is to get a Synopsis page (which serves as the serial index), Character Index, Powers Index, Location Index, and Item/Vehicle Index, and an Other Index (for unique words used in the story and other articles that might not fit in the other categories). Should you decide to join in on editing, no problem. Get an account on Wikispaces, and you can submit a request to be made a member of the SSwiki. Using Wikispaces is fairly easy too; messing around with it for about 30 min and you should be able to put together some basic articles.

As I mentioned earlier, there is also a TV Tropes page, which curiously *does* appear when you search for it on Google. TV Tropes is a sort of wiki where one can read about various tropes -- a trope being some kind of device, trick, manner of story telling -- and the various works they are found on, and these works are not limited to only TV works. An example of a trope would be Nice Job Breaking It, Hero; this refers to a situation in a story where a hero or protagonist attempts to fix something, only to make whatever it is worse. There's also other tropes like Badass (self explanatory, or as TVT calls it, Exactly What it Says On The Tin) ,Dark is Not Evil, and so on.

So for the SSTV Tropes Page, there's a short description of the story in general, some background info, and links to the wiki, Perri's FA page, and the SS LiveJournal page. To edit pages on TV tropes, all you need is an account (which is free and easy to make), and you can get working. Like Wikispaces, you'll need sometime before you learn the ropes, but after that it's easy to use

Well, that's it. I hope you guys check out these pages soon -- and at the very least, let me know how I'm doing. If you want to help, go ahead. Just let me know what you're up to. Ciao!

TV Tropes Page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/SpectralShadows
InGalTeNet Wiki Page: http://spectralshadows.wikispaces.com/
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3 more sketches [Dec. 16th, 2012|05:04 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Here's the last 3 sketches from the batch I was working on - everything else is either further along, or not even started (I'll be working on starting more sketches today; I'm in a sketchy mood)
3 missing sketchesCollapse )
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A Christmas Gift From My Muse [Dec. 16th, 2012|04:12 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Today my muse dropped in and arranged for a little inspiration that I’ve been needing. I’d been figuring on having to go grocery shopping today, but the father has football to watch. So I was let off the hook and figured I’d use today to get in some writing.

As I was going upstairs I noted the end credits of some Christmas movie the mother was watching was playing a song about how “Jesus took the punishment for my sins so I don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Well, it just hit me that, if Jesus took the punishment for everybody’s sins, then he wouldn’t have ascended into Heaven. He would have been dragged down to hell and would be burning in a lake of eternal fire, presumably allowing mankind to get away with murder on a daily basis.

Well, I could have just written that revelation out and thrown it up on the net for all the fanatics to have fun trying to gloat over or dismiss, depending on which side of the Christian/Atheist turmoil one stands on. But then I remembered my resolve not to get involved in that stupid conflict anymore – to put these ideas into my story instead.

So I started thinking about which character I could use to express this idea, and right away I realized that this is the missing piece of Jasper’s story that I’ve been hung up over all this time. So, what follows is the idea for Jasper’s back story which is now starting to come together.

The scenario starts long before Jasper comes on the scene. It starts on Jon and Rael’s first time/space adventure in The Sound Chaser when they visit the paradise planet called Pentalous, where all species that are driven to extinction are re-established according to some covenant Ra had established early on in Omman antiquity.

For the covenant to continue there must be no war or conflict of any kind on the paradise planet. But Jon and Rael accidently run afoul of a dirty little blemish on Pentalian history, which is the solution to the great mystery of that particular serial – how is it there can be a single species where the females are all My Little Ponyesque equines, and the males are all furry human type anthropoids? (My attempt at a science fiction rationalization for the all-female society seen in My Little Pony in the 80’s.)

It seems that the furry humans and the equines had both been driven to extinction on their own planets and re-established on the paradise planet, but they could never agree on which was going to be the dominant species of the paradise planet, and this disagreement had escalated into war.

War on the paradise planet should have meant its destruction, as it broke the covenant. But Ra agreed to continue the paradise planet if the two species would become one, and thereby finally learn the hard lesson that their survival was dependent on each other.

Thus all the females of the furry human tribe and all the males of the equine tribe were gathered on a big hill, the ground opened up and swallowed them all, and what remained of the two tribes was made one species. Thus, perpetual peace was restored to Pentalous. That is, until Jon and Rael arrive.

Jon and Rael make friends among the Pentalian children and they go on a play exploration trip, which leads them to discover a cave filled with crystals. But they fail to realize that these crystals are made from the remains of all the equines and furry humans who were swallowed into the ground all those ages ago. And by allowing one of the crystals to be removed, an evil force called Makura is released.

Makura is the Japanese word for darkness. Makura’s darkness and motivation for existence is the will to see all life in deadly conflict. It curses Ra for the death of all those Pentalians, and is sworn to create conflict throughout the universe.

No, Makura is not the devil analogy in this series. That would be Salocin, another character and a whole other convoluted story. Makura is some sort of lesser demon who serves Salocin merely because they share similar goals. (Salocin’s ultimate goal being to prove all the flaws in Ra’s creation before ultimately seeing the whole universe implode.)

Makura thrives on pain, iniquitous emotions, regret and self-loathing. It is the germ of all greed and will to warfare that Salocin arranged to have injected into Ra’s creation to prove its flaws – to find tiny holes in Ra’s ideas and rip at them mercilessly. The ultimate irony being that Salocin was able to use The Children Of The Ommadawn, widely believed to be Ra’s own children, to release this horror into the universe.

Anyway, with the help of Captain Shane, Jon and Rael eventually manage to expel Makura from Pentalous.

This is all written out in what was “Serial No. 2: The Pentalian Factor” back in the 80’s, a copy of which was enshrined in some dark cubbyhole in The Library Of Congress back in 1992. And yes, it is probably something most Bronies would petition me to publish on the net.

Now we fast forward to two events already seen in The Planet Of Genetic Misadventure. The first happened while Christine was in the dream dimension after the fire at Vicki’s house. Remember how Christine made a tree and Mr. Stopheles made a forest to go around it? Once Christine and Mr. Stopheles abandoned those ideas, other spirits moved into that forest and it became a world called Christabal – named for the goddess Christine who created it.

This is also relative to Belinda’s explanation of world belief in The Aslanders where she shows how worlds may result from the ideas of a single person, but after that person leaves, others continue the development of that world with their own ideas.

The other event is Jasper’s dream of the steam room in The Rhoades Mansion where Makura offers Jasper an alternative destiny. Jasper is shown a door and whisked off to an adventure you don’t see in The Planet Of Genetic Misadventure, because this story is to be the subject of a serial all its own called “Samurai Of The Sun.” (Which I have currently projected as Serial No. 19.)

Samurai Of The Sun happens far ahead in the story, after Sir Jon and family have left Cygnus in The Sound Chaser and are venturing through a number of shorter, more Doctor Whoish adventures.

One of the worlds they visit is this world called Christabal, which Christine has no idea is the world she created. There they encounter young Jasper as he was when he went through that dimensional door in the steam room. But, again, nobody recognizes him. Not even Perry and Vicki, who knew him at that age. They just assume he’s another kitty boy of similar breed.

Possibly the reason they don’t recognize him is because he’s dressed in an old world style outfit that was inspired by an art piece of Puss In Boots I once saw. http://www.wildlife-fantasy.com/artwork/felysial.php

Makura has somehow ended up on Christabal as well, and Makura is busy at work introducing concepts like greed and war into what was previously a peaceful paradise. (Makura is a disease. This is what he does.)

Following an Arthurian scenario that leaves this little world leaderless, there is a Rayearth 2 type scenario where adventurers from different worlds gather to try to claim the kingdom of Christabal. Back in the steam room Makura was basically inviting Jasper to join in this contest.

The contest itself does much to bring out the worst in people and cause the innocent people of Christabal to pray for the return of “The Legendary Samurai Of The Sun.” And when The Sound Chaser arrives, word immediately spreads that Sir Jon and his crew are The Samurai Of The Sun – the last of the fabled Omman Knights.

They find Jasper holding his own in that world, but Sir Jon ends up giving him a serious chance at capturing “The Prize.” (There can be only one.)

The Prize, rather than being a sword, as one might expect in an Arthurian scenario, is a suit of armor (a-la Darkstalkers.)

All those in the competition believe that the armor was created by The Goddess and can only be won by someone with the ability to restore peace to the land. They do not realize that the armor is now the physical manifestation of Makura. And whoever bonds with it will be obligated to feed the armor the feasts of pain and fear it thrives upon.

In Doctor Whoish fashion, Sir Jon eventually discovers the truth about the armor and Makura.

Remember, in Sir Jon’s timeline this is long after he knew Jasper on Cygnus. So in The Planet Of Genetic Misadventure none of this has happened yet for him, but it has for Jasper. That’s what Jasper is talking about not being able to speak of things yet to come after they pull Christine, Vicki and Kacey out of the lake Lappina tried to drown them in.

Oui what a tangled web this series is. ^_^;

Anyway, Sir Jon and crew are torn on whether to encourage Jasper to win the contest. On the one hand, if he wins he’ll be stuck with the armor, which is a fate worse than death. But if someone of good heart wins the armor, there is a chance that, through his sacrifice, he may hold Makura in check and save countless worlds from infection, corruption and destruction.

Sir Jon certainly doesn’t want to see any barbarian win the armor. That will almost insure that the Makura virus will survive and flourish in the new universe to come after the death of Ra. That Jasper should sacrifice himself is really the only hope the new universe has.

Thus Jasper ends up sacrificing himself to save the universe from its sins, and the price of his sacrifice is an eternity of hell being bound to this demonic virus – part of the pact being that Jasper can never fall in love, and he must feed the demon on the pain of the wicked, allowing the armor to torture and devour all the villains Jasper vanquishes.

This is another reason Jasper is reluctant to be in conflict with Blair. If Jasper fights Blair, and Blair loses, the armor will devour Blair’s soul and bind it in its larder of pain for ever.

And the cost to Jasper, should he ever fall in love and break the covenant that exists between him and Makura, is that he himself will be devoured and tortured for all eternity.

Sadly for Jasper, as can be seen at this point in the synopsis I’m putting up here at Brainstormers, he’s starting to fall for Miyan. And once he expresses that love, Makura will devour him in a fit of rage. Then it will fall to Vicki and Miyan to enter Makura’s universe and try to rescue Jasper. But they are not well suited characters for such a task.

Christine or Perry might have a better chance of saving him, but they are not handy in Chris Corners where this final showdown will take place. But perhaps, if Miyan can be put through some kind of test that shows she values love more than greed, she will be redeemed, and she’ll be able to take Jasper and Vicki back with her.

What then of Makura if Jasper is no longer holding him in check? The armor will face death without a symbiant. No doubt it will seek out the most corrupted person on Cygnus, which of course would be Blair.

But Blair already has an arrangement with Salocin, which is why he needed to get control of Halloween. He really doesn’t need the armor. So, if he doesn’t take it, where Makura will go from there is any Brainstormer’s guess.
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Next Batch Of Sketches [Dec. 12th, 2012|04:50 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

[Current Mood |productive]

To save scrollingCollapse )
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Spectral Shadows Ad [Nov. 25th, 2012|03:21 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Spectral Shadows Ad

Alright, I'd love some feedback on this, because I really have no clue what I'm doing (but I have all the tools, so I figured I might as well help out by creating an ad *laughs*)

This is just the first attempt. I like it, but I think I could do better with some feedback & suggestions from others
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2012|05:21 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

All right everyone, RECoyote's asked me to whip up a little index page for the outlines, and so, I've decided to do so to help out with things. Besides, Spectral Shadows is and is shaping up to be an awesome story, so I'm more than glad to be able to help out with it somehow ^_^. So what will follow is a simple list with working links to each part of the outline.
Episodes 128-132 (9/17/2012)

Episodes 133-136 - (9/18/2012) 

Episodes 137-139 (9/21/2012)

Episodes 140-142 (9/21/2012)

Episodes 143-144 (9/23/2012)

Episodes 145-147 (9/24/2012)

Episodes 148-155 (9/25/2012)

Episodes 156-163 (9/26/2012)

Episodes 164-168 (9/27/2012)

Episodes 169-175 (9/28/2012)

Episodes 176-182 (9/29/2012)

Episodes 183-187 (9/29/2012)

Episodes 188-191 (10/1/2012)

Episode 192 (Draft) (10/2/2012)

Episode 193 (Draft) (10/2/2012)

Episode 194 (Draft) (10/3/2012)

Episode 195 (Draft) (10/4/2012)

Episode 196 (Draft) (10/5/2012)

Episode 197 (Draft) (10/6/2012)

Episode 198 (Draft) (10/7/2012)

Episodes 199-208 (10/8/2012)

Episodes 209-215 (10/9/2012)

Episodes 216-224 (10/10/2012)

Episodes 225-228 (10/11/2012)

Episodes 229-231 (10/12/2012)

Episodes 232-236 (10/13/2012)

Episodes 237-241 (10/14/2012)

Episode 242 (Draft) (10/15/2012)

Episodes 243-247 (10/16/2012)

Episodes 248-249 (10/17/2012)

Episode 250 (Draft) (10/18/2012)

Episodes 251-255 (10/19/2012)

Episodes 256-257 (10/20/2012)

Episodes 258-262 (10/21/2012)

Episodes 263-266 (10/22/2012)

Episodes 267-271 (10/23/2012)

Episode 272 (Draft) (10/24/2012)

Episodes 273-276 (10/25/2012)

Episodes 277-278 (10/26/2012)

Episodes 279-283 (10/27/2012; Revised 1/1/2012)

Below you'll find an index thing for the different ideas/art topics started. These will be in order of Publication. 

Tis The Season for Vamps (10/13/2009) - A short little posting by Perri that addresses the issue of inserting Vampires into Spectral Shadows.

Kacey Online (10/30/2009) - Another posting by Perri, addressing Kacey being online, and discussion of what the UnFurry Fandom would be like.

The Towns of Cygnus X-1 (11/5/2009) - A topic by Perri asking for ideas on the different towns on Cygnus.

Talking Vehicles, Truckers, and Spies, Oh My (12/23/2012) - Topic by Perri asking for help with the Talking Vehciles that I believe we know now as Chico and Xanathus (sp).

A Religion Based on Science (4/17/2012) - A topic by Perri that tosses around the idea of a town with Science as its religion.

Time To Think About Halloween (11/20/2010) - A topic by Perri addressing the town of Halloween and ideas about how it is.

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Revision Hell [Nov. 1st, 2012|06:58 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers

Today I attempted to revise the preview of what is now episodes 297-283. And, because of my current computer situation where I edit upstairs on my no internet computer, put my work on disk and bring it downstairs to the internet computer, and then try to get everything mixed into the LJ edit entry screen, I lost my revisions, not once, but twice - each time having to do them over from scratch. 9 hours work in total.

This was so upsetting that I had to give up getting back on my diet again. Had to eat to calm down enough to go on writing. And I really hate trying to rewrite something I just wrote . . . twice. As a writer that is like my most hated of tasks - mainly because I know it's never as good the second time around, let alone the third.

Fortunately, I pretty much had the changes I wanted to make in the story in my head. But a lot of improvements I had made to the way things were written were lost.

I can not write this way. I need to fix this wretched computer situation. I need an internet computer upstairs so I don't have to go through this risky process.

I'm just lucky it wasn't an actual fully written episode I lost, because there would be no recovering that from thin air.

Anyway, there were two things I needed to revise. I needed to put in that Jenny and Rob have a double wedding with Perry and Lappina. And I needed to do the whole hurricane scene over, as I thought about it and decided I more favored having Chris Corners buried in ice than blowing it to pieces.

If the preview now seems choppier rather than better written, it's because the revision was done in a state of hyper anxiety. There's nothing I hate more than writing under pressure. And struggling to get something out of my memory before it fades using this tedious multi-file method is about all the pressure I can stand.

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