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Sit Rep on Things [Dec. 11th, 2014|10:33 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers


Sit Rep = Situational Report. Military lingo.

Anyways, for those interested, there's quite a few different projects going on in the world of Spectral Shadows.

First off, there's the Spectral Shadows Wiki. Formerly located over at Wikispaces, we had to relocate to Wikia due to Wikispaces no longer offering free accounts to "Non-Educational" wikis. It looks basic now, but with some time it can be made into a decent little thing. Wikia accounts are free to make, and Wikia's editor is smooth and easy to use. Within maybe 10 minutes or so of reading and trying stuff out you can get the ball rolling. And all you need really is an account; no need to wait for permissions or anything sticky like that.

Second, there's the TV Tropes Page. As I've mentioned before, free to join, and learning to trope it up is a fairly non-complex task. There's some big works planned for that page, namely the continual adding of tropes,updating of examples, and also adding Spectral Shadows to trope indexes. Which can increase the chance of someone finding the story. The Page currently has over 100 tropes listed; if SS is added to every one of those tropes' indexes, that's 100 more pages Spectral Shadows' name appears on. I also have a "Master Work Book" Excel sheet that is dedicated to the continued chronicling of Tropes, with a color coded system to let users know the statuses of the tropes listed. For now, I have a cop y of the Trope Book and I believe Perri has one. If, by chance, people get interested enough in this that're a part of SSBS, I'll either email or, more likely, just upload it to Google Docs and allow editing...with some rules, of course.

Lastly, Spectral Shadows is expanding and/or moving! I've started, at the request of Perri, a new 'Shadows blog over at blog spot. You can find it at this address. As of right now there's just the main page, about page, and the serial index, which I decided to merge with the Serial Synopsis page. The idea being that by also using the Synopsis page as the Serial Index it increases the chances of users finding out about the other serials. And who knows, maybe it might get people wanting to either create or see more of this universe. Each Serial in the Serial Index also has their own standalone Index page. So if you click on Serial 11 for instance, you'll go to S11's index page. Makes things a little more manageable, especially since S11 is 168 episodes and still going. This is the only project where you can't just sign up and go with; you need a specific invitation from me in order to get permission to edit the Blogspot page (mainly because it was made under my Google+ account, and yes I do mention in the pages that Perri is the writer). Right now there's lots of work to do, as all the episodes need to get transferred over to the blogspot page, and I have plans for the page myself too, including a new and improved character sheet and perhaps even an on-site art gallery.

So that's what we got going on. I have my own contributions planned for Perri's story as well, and you may have already seen this in the forms of the 'SHadows advert I made on youtube and the SRP intro I also made.

As usual, if you like Perri's story and want to see it do good, please help. We need it. If anything, at least spread the word, share Perri's links when she posts them on Facebook. Thanks.