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Spectral Shadows Q&A Session: The Multiverse Concept [Nov. 2nd, 2014|01:38 pm]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers


nikolinni writes: "Okay, so the short of it is if Ra created these characters, and he's merely writing a story, how is it that Jon is able to meet Ra or that people like Perry are able to cross reality barriers and exist -- despite the fact that they seem to be characters whose existence depends on the paper they're written on not being burned?"

In Jon's universe, whatever Ra writes is reality. Ra has written that whoever crosses The Point Of Know Return will gain the knowledge of what they really are. But he didn't write how that would happen. And so, what he left open had to happen by the most obvious means possible. So Ra didn't know Jon would appear to him. He didn't know Jon could survive The Point. But that is how things work when someone is writing a universe. The universe compensates for elements left unwritten. Ra has written that the truth is on the other side of The Point, and because Ra wrote nothing about where anyone would end up if they survived, Jon was sent to the source of his creation to confront truth.

Perry has several advantages other characters don't have. Perry is Rael so he exists in two places at once, creating a link that can draw one to the other instantly, even if one is on another planet or in a different dimension. Perry also has Rael's powers locked away in the back of his mind. When he taps into them he can do anything Rael can do.

Ra, of course, has the power to write that his characters have any power he wants them to have. But he is constrained by good writing not to give his characters any DC Comics type powers. He is limited only by his desire for the story to make sense. But if Rael needs to cross a dimension, Ra will write that he has the power, and that his having the power makes sense in the context of the story.

nikolinni writes: "So I suppose the next question to ask is: Is the whole idea of Perry coming to Earth part of the story? That is, they didn't actually come into Ra's world -- merely an Earth that was part of the story/Universe that Ra created?"

Ra lives in the real world as it exists between 1962 and 2020 or so, and what I will write about Ra's life during those years is pretty much my own autobiography, because in the concept Ra is the writer of Jon's universe, and any way you look at it, that's me.

But Jon doesn't quite get into Ra's world. He's in a dimension where he can see Ra and talk to him, but no one else in the real world can see him. He's kind of like one of your spirit friends - perceptible only to you, but not quite definable as a reality - the ghost of an alternate reality you're generating with the power of your own mind.

In a way, Ra is encountering the ghost of something he will create in the future. At that point in his life Ra hasn't written Jon's passing through The Point Of Know Return as anything more than a note for something he thinks might be cool to let happen in a serial he may well not live long enough to ever write. But this alone establishes it as a reality in Jon's universe, and promptly the spirit of Jon is there looking down on Ra, seeing the little notation on his desk, reading, "Jon is thrown through The Great Gate At The Point Of Know Return. The true nature of his universe will be revealed to him."

There is no written clarification of what Jon will observe. Ra has not ventured to fictionalize himself in any way. He's left it totally open. And thus there is no other natural course of events but for Jon to be brought into observation of the actual author of his existence.

Jon is there in spirit form only. He's not able to carry his body into that dimension. So, essentially, The Point Of Know Return opens a window onto Ra's physical world from the spirit plain. And a spirit can't become a part of Ra's physical world without a physical body. One has to be born into the physical world to have a physical body. And that's why it's extremely rare for anyone to return from The Point. They are reincarnated into Ra's world as new people with no memory of their former life. But Jon wants to go back. So he remains to observe as a spirit, never accepting reincarnation, and that's how he's able to return with the memory of what he observed in Ra's world in tact.

Sorry if this is getting a mite complicated. My conceptions are like the quantum physics of science fiction. You need the right kind of microscope to analyze them. X used to say my conceptions would make one's head explode.

Anyway, there are two other times when the story crosses the barriers of its own universe. One is where a stowaway sets the sound chaser out of control and it crashes through the barrier, and the other time is where Perry inherits the sound chaser and journeys through the hole that the sound chaser had previously made in the barrier.

In both cases, the universe the characters find themselves in is not our real universe. Following the multiverse theory, this is the universe sitting directly beside the Spectral Shadows universe. It's the universe of Ra's personal character. And to understand this you need a little background on myself.

I live in the universe that you live in - the one which we both like to think of as the real universe. It's solid to us for the same reason that Second Life seems to be a solid universe when we're in it, because we're a part of it and subject to its laws. But, theoretically, neither universe would seem real to anyone who wasn't a part of it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, I was a sickly and shy child who was not able to enjoy much function in the universe I was a part of. Therefore I became what we might think of as a black hole in our real universe, a singularity, one mind onto itself, disconnected from the common world belief of our universe.

By now I'm sure you know the theory of how the black hole sucks in all kinds of matter that explodes out the back side to become a new universe. I was like that as a child. I drew into myself any element of fantasy I encountered and compressed it into the seed of a new universe where a parallel me existed. That parallel me is my personal character, and my personal character is Perry. Always has been.

Perry and Perri are the male and female aspects of that one character. But the universe I built around Perry was not the Spectral Shadows universe. It's essentially a child's universe, because I made it when I was a child between the ages of 4 and 26.

Yes, I was a child for a very long time. I actually enjoyed a second childhood in the 80's, and would probably still be a child if I hadn't gotten into Anime in the 90's, which ended my isolation and forced me to become an adult who functioned socially in the real world, at which point my personal character kind of died for a while, because I didn't need him anymore.

That's actually kind of relative to how Rael is dead in Serial 11, but comes back to life later. Nothing happens in Spectral Shadows that isn't allegorical of something.

Anyway, I went through this long period of 13 years or more while I was into the Anime scene where I did not need a personal character. I did not need that universe I had created for my personal character, nor did I do any work on Spectral Shadows. I had actually put everything I had created on the chopping block, or sold my soul to the devil in a sense, for this chance to actually be a real person in the universe I was born into. And, as it tends to happen when you sell your soul to the devil, the eventual results were not pretty. In the end I didn't get anything I was promised. And I was left as this person who was once the creator of universes, desperately trying to reclaim what I had given up.

So now I needed a personal character again, but I didn't have the power to regenerate anything from my childhood. I wasn't the same person I had been then. It was only through the magic of Second Life that I was able to revive my personal character. Even though my personal character was radically changed by SL in terms of gender, species, etc..

The Perri you know in SL is a reincarnation of my personal character. Which again is relative to how when Rael comes back to life he's significantly changed by being merged with Perry. The social nature of SL merged what was left of my personal character with myself, creating a character that is a curious and hopefully adorable mixture of fantasy and reality.

Notice how, though things are different in these various universes, there are parallel events. So anything that happens in one universe is likely to affect events in all related universes. Thus, if I go through a period of stagnation where I'm not generating ideas, all universes I'm responsible for suffer, including the theoretically real one that you and I live in, as it was during that period when I moved into the Anime community (when I should have moved into the Furry community) that I did the most harm to myself - harm that I don't expect to ever fully recover from, and which will probably condemn my universes to die with me uncompleted.

Anyway, about this other universe that the Spectral Shadows characters visit, you'll notice that the first thing that happens when the sound chaser crashes through to this other universe is they encounter Doctor Who, who for no particularly logical reason just happens to be handy. And the further they venture into this other universe, the more characters from fiction they will encounter.

But the characters from the Spectral Shadows universe won't recognize them as fictional characters, because they are not part of the pop culture of the Spectral Shadows universe. They are part of the pop culture of the universe you and I live in.

So, when the characters from the Spectral Shadows universe meet Perry in this other universe, he's not the Perry they know from their universe. They have literally crashed into my childhood fantasy universe, and the Perry they meet there is the personal character I created in order that I might interact with all the fantasy characters I admired.

That Perry will remember them only because the Spectral Shadows universe is relative to the back story I made for him. My personal characters backstory was always quite similar to what I wrote in the Prologue. But he's not the same Perry at all. The Spectral Shadows characters won't understand why he keeps calling Dorothy "Dotty," or Jasper "Zipper."

That Perry doesn't become a Perry you'll recognize until the Rael/Perry merged character journeys into the universe of my personal character and merges with him, and it's at that point where the female incarnation of my personal character happens, which is the character you know as Perri or Twee.

Perri then journeys back in time to learn about where she came from, not realizing that it will cause her to lose her memory. And that's how we have Perry and Perri in the same world at the same time. This is the temporal duplication theory which says it's impossible for the same character to exist twice in the same time and place without creating a short circuit in the wiring of time. The short circuit causes Twee's memory loss.

Now we need to backtrack a bit to the late 70's. In the universe of my personal character, there developed a black hole, resulting from somebody putting a pen in my hand and charging me to become a writer. At first I tried to write the universe of my personal character, but his was a child's universe. There was no way to write it that wouldn't look silly and childish, and I was not inclined to write a comedy or a children's story. So this black hold began to draw in material from my personal character's universe and compressed them into the seed of the Spectral Shadows universe, which I could write as a serious story for deep thinking adults.

As soon as I had written down the laws of the Spectral Shadows universe, the black hole exploded, and there were then 3 universes sitting side by side - the universe you and I live in, the universe of my personal character, and the Spectral Shadows universe.

Ok, if that's not complicated enough for you, there is now a black hole within the Spectral Shadows universe. That black hole is you, the reader, who has already created a universe of his own with his own unique characters, but is looking to merge them with mine in a new alternate reality. It's still a black hole at this point because elements are still being drawn in, and the final formulation of the seed is not complete. But the moment you write anything about your universe in stone so that it becomes an unchangeable law of that universe, the black hole will explode, and a new universe will exist.

This is all my way of merging the dark matter and multi quantum universe theories with the Christian Science and unified field theories that all creation results from Idea. That's why it's science fiction, rather than pure fantasy.

Has you're head exploded yet?