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Wiki and TV Tropes Work [Jun. 28th, 2014|11:53 am]
Spectral Shadows Brain Stormers






Anyone here? Can you all walk at all? Or will you move if you fall? Are you live or dead, are there thoughts within your heads?

Ok, Black Sabbath references aside, hello there! I know it's been a while since I've haunted Brainstormers, but here I am again, mwahaha. Except I'm not here to self-promote fanfiction that eventually fell through (though I do have a story I'm working on that involves Spectral Shadows characters, but that's not what his is for).

So, what's going on? Well I've got the Spectral Shadows Wiki going again, located here:

There's only a handful of articles that are just started, and there's most likely hundreds more to come. This wiki aims to be a comprehensive, full online encyclopedia of all things Spectral Shadows, from the serials to the characters, to even the music that inspired it. I am the only one working on it though, and I could use some help in this monumental task. So if you wanna contribute to Perri's story, but don't have any ideas story-wise, here's one way to help. You will need to make a (free) Wikispaces account, and then you'll have to wait for approval before you can edit the wiki (I believe there's something you click when you go to the spectral shadows wiki that puts you on a list, and then I can either approve or deny you. This is just a preventive measure against hecklers who might come on and edit it to troll. Though if the story gets popular enough or enough people want to work on it, I'll unlock it). If you ask for approval, just comment here in this post so I know to check and give you permissions.

Wikispaces is really easy to learn too. If you can use and post to LiveJournal, then boom there you go. You don't even need to know HTML, not even for linking. To link all you do is highlight what you want to link, then click the "Link" button at the top of the text editor, and go from there. Linking to other articles is easy, all you do is agian use the link button, but make sure you type in the correct page name. If for instance you make an article and it mentions Sir Jon, the page name would be Jonathan Rhoades; linking to Sir Jon would link to a page that doesn't exist. If this seems too much to fuss with, then when you're editing articles, just bold and italicize so other editors know they need to link that. So if you're doing that same article you'd type Sir Jon and then when say I'm going over pages I'd go "Oh, that needs to get linked. Ok!"

Also if you create new pages, don't worry about doing table of contents and other fancy wiki magic if you don't know how to. Just getting the text on the page itself will be tremendous help.

Now, for TV Tropes. Yes, that's right, the TV Tropes page is back, and it's doing quite well. It can be found here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/SpectralShadows

What're tropes you ask!? Well, simply put they're names for literary devices. Some of them have funny names, some are normal, but they all refer to something. For example, Damsel in Distress refers to when a character is, well a damsel in distress; Exactly What It Says On the Tin refers to when the name of something pretty much explains what it is or it's purpose (for example, a movie called Cowboys and Aliens is...about cowboys and aliens. Exactly what it says on the tin). Then there's stuff like the McGuffin (the item/person/key/etc essential to the plot), Word of God (when the creator/writer says something regarding their work. You can see this in action all over spectral shadows' TV Tropes page).

There's also subpages for works on TVT too. As you can see, there's a Shout Out page for Spectral Shadows. As you're well aware, Spectral Shadows references LOADS of things, and thus the Shout Out page is an attempt to track down all of them. Oh, Shout Outs are when a work references something else; so for example, Omega back from Serial 2 being known as "The Crimson King" is a shout out to King Crimson's "The Court of the Crimson King".

To make and edit TV Tropes pages, all you need is an easy to make free account. Unlike the Wiki, there's no way to lock permissions to pages, so literally anyone can edit pages. We had an incident earlier this year when someone came in and made edits, but they came off as...rather agressive and somewhat rude (of course I went in and changed this, and we haven't seen any edits from this person since). The know how for editing TV Tropes requires a tad bit more techincal finese, but have no fear, as it's not incredbly difficult, and there's this handy page:


So again, if you wanna help out with the story, here's another way to help out.

And of course, the most important way to help:

Spread the word.

By not saying anything about this story, we're relying on people stumbling upon the work via tv tropes, the wiki, live journal, or Fur Affinity. The thing is, those can only attract so many people. But via word of mouth, you can get so much more people. Think of how many things you've done because someone told you about it, or informed you of it. In fact I became a huge prog rock fan because Perri introduced me to the genre. If not for her, I probably would've only been somewhat famliar with it. So please, please, if anyone seems like they might like this story, let them know about it. Heck even link them to it. If we all want to see this story grow and get more popular, we need to do this. There's only so much one cream colored rabbit and one blue and white rabbit can do. Help us make this story awesome and more well known.